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Hey, I'm Amanda...also known as the original Basic bitch. 


In 2017 my daughter was diagnosed with eczema and her doctors prescribed topical steroids to help treat it. As a mother, I'm highly conscious of wanting her to develop healthy habits and eat whole, natural foods so she can grow up to be healthy and thrive. After her diagnosis I realized that I also wanted to pay the same attention to what we put ON her body. Setting her up for a lifetime of being dependent on strong pharmaceutical drugs wasn't something I wanted to agree to. 

I used my background as an Esthetician and knowledge of CBD to create the first product in what would become Basic Skincare....the Basic Healing Topical. The process was amazing, we saw results almost immediately! It healed her breakouts, and she began to breakout less frequently. 

What started as a way to help my daughter heal naturally became a passion that I wanted to share with everyone I knew. I started handing out samples to friends and family and received overwhelmingly positive reviews - less irritation, better skin, reduced pain, HEALING and HEALTH without harsh chemicals or nasty side effects. 

Since then I have worked hard building Basic to what it is today. A company designed to help, to heal and to bring out everyone's most gorgeous selves...naturally. 


My sincerest hope is that Basic helps you and your family the way it has helped mine. Thanks for coming on this journey to health with me.


Be well, 


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